What Is This!?

•June 4, 2009 • 1 Comment

So I can never leave well enough alone.  I am always changing stuff around.  My office, my garage, etc.  I seem to have some project that involves changing something.  So, to that end, I am trying this theme for my blog.  I really like how the pages look when you follow the link.  However, I am troubled by a photoblog not having photos on the front page.

What do you think about that.  Is it too much of a pain to require someone to follow one link to see photos?  Maybe it is.  My wife doesn’t like it.  I’m not sure I do either.  I’m interested in your opinion.  Please leave input.

On the photography front, I am photography Dads and Daughters tomorrow night at my church.  Last I heard, there were 230 people coming so far.  This will be the biggest project I’ve worked on.  If it comes out good, I may post some photos.  If not, I’ll just write about how great they were. 🙂



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Another one for the daily photo challenge at photochallenge.org.  Man, I am not keeping up but when I get the chance I try to shoot something.  I had been thinking of this idea during the day.  I am such a redneck.  I thought, “How am I going to stand that fork up? . . . 12lb test!”.  Tied it up.  Took the line up over the umbrella and used a clamp to clamp the line to one of the struts of the umbrella.  Got rid of it in PS.

I shot the background strobe through my son’s chair as a cookie to give a little pattern.  It was at 1/2 power.

The key light is a shoot-thru umbrella with the strobe at 1/4 power.  Very tight to the subject.

Used the silver autoshade to add another specular highlight on the left side of the fork.  I held it slightly behind the subject so there is a little separation between the speculars.


•May 21, 2009 • 1 Comment
Test Shot

This is what I have to deal with when I ask my son to stand-in for his sister’s portrait.  Always some crazy expression, a random toy that was nearby, a rock-and-roll stance (which is awesome by the way), a superhero pose.

I have to admit he is cute as can be though so it’s all good. 

This is the standard umbrella camera right at a 45 and bare strobe for accent.  It is hard to beat for a decent portrait.


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Did this for the daily challenge at photochallenge.org.  Wanted to show my little baby’s size “really small” shoe next to Daddy’s 14’s. 

I am definitely in a rut with the old umbrella at a 45 and a cross-light for accent.  So in the interest of changing that up I did this with a snooted flash above in very tight on the subject.  The subject is on a piece of plexi with a gelled flash underneath for accent.  You can see the setup in the picture.  Nothing high-dollar about this.  Plexi sitting precariously across two bar stools.

Shoe Setup

Guess Who’s One?

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Guess Who's One

My baby girl is one today.  Can not believe it.  Doesn’t seem like a year has gone by.  So here she is with her cupcake.  Thankfully, unlike her brothers, she was totally into digging in to the cake.  The boys could not have cared less about cake.  That is disturbing.

These are all available light with the Canon 50mm 1.8 II.  I did move the kitchen table and her high-chair to get her just outside of the direct afternoon sun coming through the big window.

Can I Really?

Like This?



•May 7, 2009 • 2 Comments

Well I have put in a few portraits of the native people so I wanted to post some specifically showing interaction with our group.

First group of photos are in San Jorge.  Two shots here were taken in the afternoon when we got there.  It was overcast with the fog/clouds moving in.  We were at a school I believe.  This is where the flower garden was located where the kids were getting all of the flowers you saw in a previous post. 

They enjoyed getting their picture taken so they could view it on the back of the cameras.

Here's Your Picture

Most of the youth in our group found someone to pick up.  The local kids really seemed to crave the attention.

Hey Cutie

This was taken later in the evening as we moved inside the community center.  This child fell asleep in her arms.


Here are two shots taken in Chuchico Rumi with the Quichua Indians.  There was a great group of local kids.  They were so much fun.  This is my boy Zac surrounded by younglings (is that a word outside of the Star Wars universe?).

Sittin With The Kids

And here is a wider shot showing the entire group.

Raise Your Hands

Be blessed.


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Leaf by you.

This is a funny picture to me.  But I really like it.  Our neighbors do such a great job with their lawn and they have great plants and flowers.  And umm, we don’t.  So anyway I haven’t been keeping up with the daily challenges at photochallenge.org since I got back from Ecuador.  This is the first time back on the horse. 

The challenge topic was leaf.  Out back we have some kind of elephant ear thingy (can you tell I’m not a botanist?).  So I have taken pics of it in the past but it doesn’t do anything for me.  But I thought I would try to backlight it with a gridded strobe and fill from the side.  Did that.  Eh.  Then my wife points next door and says what about that?  So I see the lettuce on the ground and the late evening light was hitting from the right.  So here’s my approach.  I want shallow depth of field.  At the focal length that I wanted to use (135mm), f5.6 was wide open.  I have the camera set on manual at f5.6.  Then I adjust the shutter speed until the meter shows -1 or -1 1/3.  Then I bring in the strobe through the shoot-thru and increase the power until I get the fill light that I want.  I wanted the ratio to be kinda tight.  So you can see the shadow from the sun on the inside leaves on the left.

I grabbed a watering can (in the shape of an octopus) from the swimming pool and poured on some water as well.

Be blessed.  More Ecuador pics on the way.