I am a Husband and a Daddy to an amazing family.  They rekindled my interest in photography.  My Nikon film gear had been collecting dust for years before the kiddos came along.  So I sold it all to purchase a digital rig.

I came across the Strobist website about 8 months aftey they started.  This was a big inspiration for me.  I had never had interest in lighting and flash photography.  I suppose actually I did but was not willing to waste the film to learn.  And so the beauty of digital photography is revealed.  Instant feedback.  Wow that looks decent. . . whow that stinks . . . doesn’t cost a thing to experiment.

And so here I am.  Taking lots of portraits of my family.  I have done family portraits for other families.  I have also done product photography.

This is an outlet for my photos.  I try to share my limited knowledge and experience and hope to learn from anyone.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. Page you are doing such an amazing job with your photography, and undoubtedly with you family too! I pop in occasionally and always leave impressed.

  3. Thanks for checking in. Hope you and your family are doing great as well.

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