Thinking Inside The Box

Thinking Inside The Box by you.

It’s been a while but here is something new.  Gretchen needed a shot of Booma for her blog (  You should go and find out what Booma is!  I mean really.  DO IT NOW!  Just kidding.  She desperately wanted to post the above pic on her blog but allowed me the privilege of putting it on mine. 

So I got inspired by the large box that has been decorated as a spaceship.  Thanks to our neighbors for buy a new set of porch furniture.  So this one above just has the ambient light through the portholes and a shoot-thru with the 285HV @ 1/4 power at the front door of the box. That’s my boy.  Very proud Daddy.  I added the Aged Photo preset from LR2.

In this one below, I added a second light.  A 540EZ with a red gel.  It was at 1/128th power I think.  It was really blasting the inside of that box.  It is overprocessed with the Direct Positive preset.  Cool look I think.  Not for all the time but it fits this fellow’s personality.  Notice the almost devoured sugar cone in his hand.  Yummm.

Thinking Inside The Box by you.

~ by pbphoto on June 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “Thinking Inside The Box”

  1. amazing talent you have!

  2. Excellent – love these shots.

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