Please Be Still

Please Be Still

Man it is difficult trying to take some photos in the house with 3 kiddos running around.  Chaotic is a good description.  We had boys putting on clothes that we didn’t want them to put.  A girl who didn’t want to sit in the chair.  There was tripping over tripods and light stands.  So I’m not sure there is anything to learn from this post.  Just an example of the hectic life of parents.

I am still borrowing the gear from my friend Mark so I wanted to set up at least once in the house before I return it.  I set up 2 monolights with softboxes and the backdrop holder.  He lent me lots of different backdrops but I can’t get away from the black.  So thankfully we have a “great room”.  It is big.  Probably a quarter of the square footage of the house.  But still it is a lot of gear for this room.  The top shot has the soft box for key and a 540EZ for hair light at a 45 to the subject.  I like that the lighting is not flat and the shadow works well at this angle.

This is just plain cute in my opinion.  The lighting ratio is closer here.  I brought in my silver wal-mart autoshade to fill in that shadow.  And the hair light looks great to me.

Please Be Still

I think if I purchase monolights I would like more adjustment.  These go 1/1, 1/2, and 1/4.  They are very powerful.  The modeling lights are nice.  I would dig to drag these outside and balance them with the sunlight.

Be blessed.


~ by pbphoto on June 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Please Be Still”

  1. Shots look great with the black background. I can only imagine the work you have to do to with all the kiddies running around. I’ve been shooting lots of my sisters screaming 5 month old and that’s bad enough. Maybe get 10 good shots out of 120.

    I’ve wanted to buy some mono lights. I’m with you on having a wide range of available power settings. I think the White Lightning models can go pretty low.

    Great candid pics from the dance too.

    Keep it up!

    • Thanks Zane. Yeah you definitely want more control of power output. On 1/4 power with these about 4 feet away from the subject and feathered away from the subject I got f5.6.

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