Daddy Daughter Dance

Daddy Daughter Dance

Well.  It was the biggest event that I have ever photographed.  Somewhere around 300 people.  I ended up taking about 180 portraits and culled them down to about 136 for prints. 

There is a lot to say about the experience.  The most fun is to talk about the lighting setup.  I am very happy with the portraits.  Using the black background makes all the dresses pop.  I like the simplicity.  It doesn’t distract from the subjects.  My wife and I were looking at some portraits of us taken in the past.  Very prom-like with balloons and such.  Nothing wrong with them.  I am just a minimalist kind of guy.  I always prefer a simpler photo.

So the lighting was a monolight from camera left through a shoot-thru umbrella for the key.  It was lit to f5.6 (thanks again to my friend Mark who let me borrow his monolights and gear).  The fill from camera right is another monolight through a gridded softbox lit to f4.0 I think.  Maybe a little less.  I like the ratio we achieved.  The shadows are there but not pronounced.  Then the hair light is my 540EZ on 1/32 power behind and to camera right.

I triggered one monolight and the 540EZ with the Cactus triggers.  The second monolight was triggering optically.  For the record, I didn’t have even one misfire with the Cactus V2s.  So all the gear was very dependable and I was able to concentrate on getting the shot that I wanted.

All in all it was tiring but rewarding.  I was happy to find that the knowledge that I’ve gained shooting with the strobist (minimalist) style lighting gear carried over to using the larger monolights.  I would not have wanted (all though I was prepared) to shoot a big event like this with battery powered strobes.  With a line of people, battery changing would have been hectic.

I am going to do another post next to speak a little about the whole posing thing and generally getting a lot of people through in a short period of time.  Remember, I am a hack.  Not a professional so all of this is new to me.

Be blessed.

Daddy Daughter Dance by you.

~ by pbphoto on June 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Daddy Daughter Dance”

  1. THEY ARE GORGEOUS!! You did a great job!

  2. Thanks Erin.

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