Changed Again.

Ok I give.  I agree that there need to be photos on the front of a photoblog.  Arggh.  I would really like thumbnails in the excerpt on the other theme but does not allow plugins.  And I do not want to pay for hosting a blog.  So I’ll just continue switching themes from time to time I suppose.

Oh yeah.  Got set up last night for the Daddy Daughter Dance tonight.  My friend Mark (check his work at helped me greatly during setup.  Brought his monolights and softboxes.  A lightmeter (something I’ve never used).  All set to shoot tonight.  More details to come.


~ by pbphoto on June 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “Changed Again.”

  1. This new theme is cool too. I didn’t occur to me didn’t allow plugins. And I don’t blame you for not want to pay for hosting. I piggyback my blog on the hosting service I use for my business websites (totally unrelated to photography). If it weren’t for that, I’d probably be in the same boat. Anyhow, hope your photo shoot goes well tonight!

  2. Thanks. I have another website hosted here on my works network. I suppose I could setup wordpress there. I may do that in the future. Just for the flexibility. No time now though.

  3. I like this, but I like to see your photos! 🙂 Your baby!

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