Another one for the daily photo challenge at  Man, I am not keeping up but when I get the chance I try to shoot something.  I had been thinking of this idea during the day.  I am such a redneck.  I thought, “How am I going to stand that fork up? . . . 12lb test!”.  Tied it up.  Took the line up over the umbrella and used a clamp to clamp the line to one of the struts of the umbrella.  Got rid of it in PS.

I shot the background strobe through my son’s chair as a cookie to give a little pattern.  It was at 1/2 power.

The key light is a shoot-thru umbrella with the strobe at 1/4 power.  Very tight to the subject.

Used the silver autoshade to add another specular highlight on the left side of the fork.  I held it slightly behind the subject so there is a little separation between the speculars.


~ by pbphoto on May 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “Fork”

  1. very cool

    • Hey don’t you have like 6 kids now. Shouldn’t you be feeding someone?:) Oh. . .I see that the timetag is 2:03am. Sorry. Disregard the last few sentences. Thanks Lacey. Congratulations.

      • I so hope that this is Lacey K. If not, my reply is way off base. Lacey, is that you?

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