Well I have put in a few portraits of the native people so I wanted to post some specifically showing interaction with our group.

First group of photos are in San Jorge.  Two shots here were taken in the afternoon when we got there.  It was overcast with the fog/clouds moving in.  We were at a school I believe.  This is where the flower garden was located where the kids were getting all of the flowers you saw in a previous post. 

They enjoyed getting their picture taken so they could view it on the back of the cameras.

Here's Your Picture

Most of the youth in our group found someone to pick up.  The local kids really seemed to crave the attention.

Hey Cutie

This was taken later in the evening as we moved inside the community center.  This child fell asleep in her arms.


Here are two shots taken in Chuchico Rumi with the Quichua Indians.  There was a great group of local kids.  They were so much fun.  This is my boy Zac surrounded by younglings (is that a word outside of the Star Wars universe?).

Sittin With The Kids

And here is a wider shot showing the entire group.

Raise Your Hands

Be blessed.


~ by pbphoto on May 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Interaction”

  1. I really like the picture of Zach with the kids. Did you tell him he was on your blog?

  2. I did now. Thanks for suggesting that I tell him.

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