Leaf by you.

This is a funny picture to me.  But I really like it.  Our neighbors do such a great job with their lawn and they have great plants and flowers.  And umm, we don’t.  So anyway I haven’t been keeping up with the daily challenges at photochallenge.org since I got back from Ecuador.  This is the first time back on the horse. 

The challenge topic was leaf.  Out back we have some kind of elephant ear thingy (can you tell I’m not a botanist?).  So I have taken pics of it in the past but it doesn’t do anything for me.  But I thought I would try to backlight it with a gridded strobe and fill from the side.  Did that.  Eh.  Then my wife points next door and says what about that?  So I see the lettuce on the ground and the late evening light was hitting from the right.  So here’s my approach.  I want shallow depth of field.  At the focal length that I wanted to use (135mm), f5.6 was wide open.  I have the camera set on manual at f5.6.  Then I adjust the shutter speed until the meter shows -1 or -1 1/3.  Then I bring in the strobe through the shoot-thru and increase the power until I get the fill light that I want.  I wanted the ratio to be kinda tight.  So you can see the shadow from the sun on the inside leaves on the left.

I grabbed a watering can (in the shape of an octopus) from the swimming pool and poured on some water as well.

Be blessed.  More Ecuador pics on the way.


~ by pbphoto on May 6, 2009.

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