Quichua Village

So here are a few shots from the Quichua Village.  This was really an amazing experience to meet these people.  They were just really nice people.
Quichua Mother & Child
First up is mother and child.  Never got their name.  She was one of the first people we met when we first arrived at the village.  What an adorable baby on her back.  I showed her pictures of mi hijos.  She smiled and asked how old they are.  Cinco, Tres, y diez mesas. 

Here is a closeup of that baby.  A few of us were almost fighting over who would hold that kiddo next.  I missed mine sooo much while I was gone.  It was nice to hold a little baby for a few minutes.

Sweet Baby

Finally it’s Glenn (or Israel) again.  He was such a happy kid and Thomas is obviously having fun as well.

Fun Is Being Had

The day was overcast and/or pouring rain the whole day so we had nice diffused natural light for all of these.  The photo of the mother and child was under the thick canopy of trees so I had to boost to ISO1600 to insure sharp pics.

Be blessed.  More to come from the village.


~ by pbphoto on May 1, 2009.

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