Flower Children

OK.  They aren’t the same kind of flower children that we would think of in the states.  These were amazing kiddos that we played with in San Jorge.  This town is up in the mountains closer to the volcano.  You can see that it was chilly there.  When we got there it was overcast and the fog/clouds rolled in thicker and thicker.


So we were at a school I believe.  I saw some rooms with little desks.  There were two basketball courts. . .well I suppose they would call them futbol courts.  There were soccer goals on either end.  So it was interesting when we got there.  There were a few kids playing around.  No adults.  Then the kids just started appearing from everywhere.  A bunch of our youth started playing soccer with them and some had lines of kids waiting to be thrown in the air.


But these were the flower kids.  There was a flower garden here at the school.  It added color to an otherwise drab urban environment.  They were climbing into the garden, picking flowers, and showing them to us.  Very sweet.





~ by pbphoto on April 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “Flower Children”

  1. Beautiful kids. You’re very fortunate to have had the opportunity. I would love to do something like this!

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