Ecuador Mission 2009 Day 1

OK.  I have no idea how best to blog this much material.  A blog just doesn’t seem like the place for 900 photos.  So I suppose I have to choose my absolute favorites from each day and give a few words about the experience. 

We traveled to Ecuador to support the mission work of Steve and Carrol at Camp Chacauco near Patate, Ecuador.  The trip was an amazing experience.  It was my first time in South America.  The geography was amazing.  We saw the tallest active volcano in the world.  Camp Chacauco is actually in the shadow of another volcano that was smoking while we were there. 

Since this is a photography blog, I will try to not go off on too many tangents unless they add to the photography.  I brought my camera and tripod with the hopes that things would be clear and I could get some good landscapes of the volcanoes and mountains.  Not so much.  Always cloudy/foggy in the mornings and hazy all day.  That’s fine because there were so many great opportunites for portraits during our work and sightseeing times.

So day 1 was a long travel day.  Left Melbourne, FL at 0200 and arrived in Quito, Ecuador about 1400.  Just in time for another 3 or 4 hours in the bus for the trip to the camp.  Here is a shot from the flight into Ecuador.

Travel Day

This sums up how we all felt.  I have never had luck sleeping on planes so I took photos of everyone who was sleeping.  I am sure they are happy about that.

Once we got to the camp, the only thing I wanted to do was find a bed and sleep in it.  But after an amazing cup of locally grown coffee, I joined everyone for worship in the dining hall and later out in the fire pit.  This is where we met our new Ecuadorian friends for the first time.  Fredy here is an amazing guitarist and worship leader.

By The Fire

The kids (OK I’m old so everyone is a kid) from our group traded off instruments and we had a nice time around the fire.

We Sing

Light levels were very low around the fire and even at ISO1600 and f1.8 I was only getting 1/13s for shutter speed.  So I held as steady as possible and prayed for the best.  These are a couple decent ones of many that were to blurry.

More to come of the mission work with the local children in the parks, and travels to the jungle to serve with the Quichua Indians in their village.


~ by pbphoto on April 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Ecuador Mission 2009 Day 1”

  1. Fire side photos look great. Can’t wait to see more from the trip. Welcome back.

    • Thanks Zane. It was a great trip. I’ll be trickling the photos over the next few weeks probably.

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