No Umbrella

I am definitely guilty of getting stuck in ruts.  So with today’s challenge I branched out a little bit.  I have some lighting ideas for when Mommy is reading them their books.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to execute them well. So it was tonight.  I was trying to use and umbrella for the main light and a gridded strobe for accent a background wall.  Yeah, just not working.  The perspective just wasn’t good.  I am trying to concentrate on trying something else but my little Maggie is determined to pull over my light-stand so I am constantly keeping my foot or hand on it.

Now I am thinking about more of a dramatic lighting scheme.  Film noir type thing.  So now I bring the gridded light over for the main light.  You can see the shadows are very hard.  I played with light to subject distance to change the light circle on them.  I ended up choosing a tight shot where you can not see the falloff.  This shot is not what I was going for but I am happy with it.  Proved to myself that soft light isn’t always the best light.



~ by pbphoto on March 31, 2009.

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