White by you.

And another shot for the challenge at PhotoChallenge.  I had some time to set up and was looking for a subject for the theme “White”.  Aha, my son’s Clone Trooper helmet.  For you sadly neglected people out there who have not had the honor, privilege, and blessing of knowing and understanding the Star Wars Universe, the Clone Troopers were actually good until episode III when Palpatine executed order 666.  This of course caused all of the Clone Troopers to attack the Jedi that moments before they were fighting alongside.

So the lighting here is simple.  Cross-lighting I believe they call it.  The main light is at 45 degrees to the subject camera right and the accent light is directly opposite that behind the subject at 45 degrees camera left.  I used a preset that I downloaded called Dreamy IR.  An infrared-like look.  I would love to credit who made this but I can’t find where I downloaded it from.  Nor do I see any credits in LR.  My friend Mark Morgan does a lot of great true infrared photography.  Check his stuff out at MarkMorgan Photography.  After seeing that I had to do something along those lines.


~ by pbphoto on March 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “White”

  1. That’s a great image. Glad you specified what it was because I could have looked at it all day and never would have figured out what it is. I’ll have to check out that preset. How are you liking wordpress?

  2. Sorry Zane, I just got this comment for some reason. It was in a spam folder. I really like wordpress. At least the look of it. It doesn’t have all the gadgets that are available for blogger but I don’t use a lot of them anyway. I do like that wordpress includes statistics. Something that I had to add code for on blogger.

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