So the daily challenge for today is feet.  So in my mind I visualized feet at the kitchen table with the kitchen window in the background.  Evening sun coming in and glaring and then filling in with my shoot-thru.  So that just did not happen.  Dinner came and went and we were out back to play.  So the sun was there and I had kids with feet (praise God).  So I got Eli to sit in a chair and prop his foot up on another chair so I could frame his foot in front of the sun.  Problem is, he’s 3 and never stays still so my retina is destroyed I’m sure.  So here it is.


So next we have a sweet little girl that likes to swing in her swing out there and she had her little jeans on with pink hearts and bows.  So Mommy takes her socks off and says try this.  So we did.  We got the following.


This was Gretchen’s favorite.  I like it too.  The framing enhances the “littleness” of those feet.


Then there’s this.  I like this too.  I don’t usually crop after the fact but I really like the square crop here and it shows off the cuteness of those feet.  So still, which one to submit for the challenge.  I went with this one. . .


Again, used a crop that is unusual for me.  Also reduced the “vibrance” (LR2), reduced the “clarity” (LR2), added a post-crop vignette.  I like the de-saturated look because it brings the feet to focus.  The vibrant ones are great and I definitely like the saturated colors so maybe that’s why I like this one so much.

What do you think?

Be blessed.


~ by pbphoto on March 25, 2009.

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