Here is another for the daily challenge at photochallenge.org.  The theme was learning.  Interesting.  Maggie and I had the house to ourselves and I had some ideas about having her holding pens or crayons working in workbooks or something.  Thought it would go very quickly. Not so much.  I think after an hour we had about 6 shots that we even presentable and this was the best of the bunch.  I tried having her sitting on the floor with books and I was balancing the shoot-thru with the daylight from the window.  Tried gelling the flash with CTO and doing the tungsten setting thing.  Then I moved her to the table.  This is a safety issue since she is not all that great about staying in place so I had to move a booster in from the kitchen so that I could buckle her in.  She is next to a windowsill where the boys keep some of their drawing and writing supplies.  And also keep random toys there as well.  So she proceeded to grab and throw everything off the sill.  She was pushing the books off the table and throwing any pen or crayon off the table as well.  So I put this on flickr and get a great comment from steven b. seipel.  “Great shot! How do you keep her attention like this?”  That made me laugh thinking of all the work trying to get something useable.


~ by pbphoto on March 23, 2009.

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