Electronics, originally uploaded by paggre.

I’m taking part in the 2009 challenge at photochallenge.org. The format is a photo-a-day. That is definitely a challenge. Some days there is just no time.

Anyway this was fun. The subject was electronics. Since I work around electronics I could have used all sorts of bleeding edge ball grid arrays but no. I was borrowing my buddy’s MESA guitar amp (thanks Mark and Tommy) for practicing. So I remembered the tubes. Old school. And they really do sound better than any solid-state amp. Sorry guys. That is just a fact. I used to be in the solid-state camp. But have since seen the light.

So I lit this with two bare speed lights. Experimented with color a lot. But found that the sepia treatment gave it a vintage look.

Be blessed.


~ by pbphoto on January 19, 2009.

One Response to “Electronics”

  1. came here from the photochallenge at flickr – like your work a lot and really appreciate your sharing the lighting info. I haven’t gotten there yet buy hope to one day… Nice portraits!

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