A Day At The Zoo

A Day At The Zoo, originally uploaded by paggre.

I thought this would make a nice shot with the furry monkey being backlit. I took the picture. When I looked at the LCD, I thought, humm. Not exactly what I thought. Didn’t think it looked like much on the small screen. So not until I opened it up on the computer was I satisfied with it.


~ by pbphoto on December 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “A Day At The Zoo”

  1. Nice capture, liking the silhouette. I believe this to be a Golden Tamarind, they are hard to photograph since they’re never still long enough!

    • Thanks. I really liked this when I opened it on the computer. I have had comments preferring to see more detail in the monkey’s face but I prefer it the way that it is.

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