Well I haven’t posted many pics of this little one. I’ve been trying to get ideas on posing a little baby. I like this one. I have a 285HV in an umbrella high above with a silver autoshade reflecting into her face from the floor in front of her. I also have a bare 540EZ to camera left giving a bit more definition to that side.

I did a bit of post-processing on this one to remove some dried food etc. I use the gimp. It is a photoshop-like tool that is free. I like that. It is not a complete replacement, but for most people I think it is more than enough of an editor. I look forward to the gimp including adjustment layers. So first I used the healing tool to clear up her skin. Next I duplicated that layer and added gaussian blur. I applied a layer mask and revealed the sharp eyes beneath the blurred layer.

Please give a critique if you have time.


~ by pbphoto on October 28, 2008.

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  1. What a gorgeous little baby – sweet Maggie Beth. I think I need a gimp for my real life… you know, to erase residual food and such.

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