Portrait Challenge

Portrait Challenge Day 2, originally uploaded by paggre.

So this is part of a monthly challenge from http://www.photochallenge.org. I really like doing these exercises because it forces me to shoot but I usually am not able to keep up for the whole month. Maybe this month will be better.

I’m very happy with this one. I used 1 285HV into silver umbrella 1/4 power camera right. 1 Sunpak 411 for background (green comforter over drape rod). 1 silver autoshade hanging from mic stand as reflector camera left. I like his expression and his eyes are very sharp. I did a little work in post cloning out some spaghetti from his lip and also used the unsharp mask for a little sharpening.

It is amazing what you have to go through to get the kiddos to stand in one spot for this kind of thing. They wanted me to take pictures of their cars and toys so I took a bunch of them holding their favorite toys (Snowspeeder, Bob The Builder, etc.) just to get the opportunity to take a real picture.

Please critique if you have time.


~ by pbphoto on September 3, 2008.

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