Cookies?, originally uploaded by paggre.

This is the beauty of my sweet wife enjoying blogging. She gives me photography work to do. She is my best customer. So here I have tried a trick that I saw somewhere recently. A piece of white poster board with a piece of clear plexiglass over the top. Gives a nice reflection. Also used gels on the background flash to get 2 different colors. The background is actually hunter green. So no gel gave me that and a red gel gives this. Could have made it any color. Used a makeshift reflector. A fedex box that was laying around. Fun stuff.

Strobist: 285HV into silver umbrella at 1/4 power camera left, white fedex box propped up against a mason jar camera right, Sunpak 411 gelled red at 1/8 power for background.


~ by pbphoto on August 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Cookies?”

  1. Do you have gels or are you using makeshift gels too?

  2. A roscoe gel pack came with my flash kit from midwest photo exchange. There are a few different colors. Here is a link to the actual product.,5881.html

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